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Started in 2004, focusing on refractory R&D and manufacturing

Refractory manufacturer, optimal solutions for you.

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About Us

About Us

Topnew Refractory was founded in 2006, located in Chaohua Industrial Area, Xinmi City, Henan Province, P. R. China. We are a comprehensive modern enterprise integrating production & research, design, product technical solutions and the general contracting and operation of refractory materials.

Email: tn-material@aliyun.com

Mob/WhatsApp/Wechat/Skype: +86-14737159875

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We provides one-to-one solutions by your inquiry.


True refractory manufacturer, provide OEM/ODM.


Create value for you through standard quality management.

Factory price

Relying on the strict control of production, we can give you competitive price.


As ISO9001 ensuring high quality and continuous improvement of process and product quality.


Through years of precipitation, we can ship to you with lower freight, no matter where you are.


Know Yuhua every day

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    Factors causing damage of refractory bricks

    Factors causing damage of refractory bricks1、 Chemical factors1.1)Chemical erosion of molten slag (including chemical erosion of melting furnace dust).It is generally the main factor for the corrosion of refractory brick lining in smelting furnace.2)Chemical attack of furnace ga··· ...

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    why refractory bricks can resist high temperatures

    Refractory brick is refractory brick. It is an inorganic metal material at 1580℃. It is the basic material of service technology. It is the structural material of thermal equipment such as masonry furnaces. It is also used to manufacture containers and components of a certain le··· ...

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    Magnesia bricks properties

    What is the main purpose of magnesia bricks? Magnesia bricks are rarely used by us. It is different from ordinary building bricks. Magnesia bricks have very good fire resistance properties. In addition to being used as building bricks, there are other uses. Then What are the prop··· ...


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